Bush Plan to Assassinate Saddam Illegal

Executive Order 12333 signed in 1976 by President Ford has not been revoked, meaning that the attempted murder of President Saddam Hussein by US military forces is illegal under US law. The Fourth Convention of The Hague stipulates that such actions violate international law. President George W. Bush is guilty of the crime of attempted murder.

The Fourth Convention of The Hague, signed in 1907, states that the premeditated assassination of individuals is illegal under international law, which means that the strike against the bunker of Saddam Hussein at the beginning of the illegal attack on Iraq by an Anglo-American coalition, attempting to take out the Iraqi leadership, violates international law.

This administration has tried to protect American citizens from the forums of international justice, following a policy under which American citizens answer to their own country, not international tribunals. However, not even this approach will protect George W. Bush because he has also violated the laws of the USA.

President Ford signed Executive Order 12333 in 1976, which states clearly that “Any official of the administration is prohibited from conspiring or involving themselves directly in assassination policies".


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