The Country of Suicide Terrorists

The propaganda of suicides in Palestine is way too strong

Reporter Alexander Shakhijanan eye witnessed the way, Mideast separatists train children to become suicide bombers. Palestinian children dream to become suicide bombers. They dream to wear a bomb belt, to get into a bus, to blow up a bomb and die with dozens of Israelis.

Russian terrorists were fond of bombs a lot. They loved blowing them up, but not in cafes or barracks. Yet, they did not want to be killed with their own bombs. However, the history of Allah’s suicidal warriors counts 800 years. This movement was founded in early Middle Ages by Hasan bin Sabbah, who set up something like a sect. Hasan picked up poor young men from remote villages, he fed them, took care of them, and taught Islamic dogmas to them: kill unfaithful people in the name of Allah. He would give them hashish to smoke and then he would let several prostitutes in. When young men woke up, they remembered a lot about “paradise” that they would find themselves in after their own suicide. Suicide terrorists were ready after that. Bin Sabbah used those people for killing sheikhs, emirs and other influential people that he considered obstacles on his way.

Imam Himeini proclaimed that bidding goodbye to life in the fight against unfaithful people was the holy duty of each and every Muslim person. When Iraq destroyed the Iranian army, Iraqi teenagers were given sticks and sent to mine fields as living mine detectors.

Those terrorist activities were not of great interest to the world, though. However, things turned different, when those methods were used by Lebanon-based terrorist organization Hizbollah. A suicide bomber managed to force his way to the building of the American embassy in Beirut in 1983. Sixty people were killed. Six months later, the same happened in American and French marine barracks: 300 people were killed.

A “bombman” appeared in Israel in 1993, when a 22-year-old young man from Hamas filled his van with gas-cylinders, put a Quran next to him, and drove his car into a crowd of people. That practice was not perfect, so to speak: only eight Israelis were wounded. After that Hizbollah conducted a very profound and efficient training for its Palestinian “students.” The movement has already managed to carry out 110 acts of terrorism with suicide bombers’ participation. Almost 400 people were killed as a result of those activities.

A Shahid, a suicide bomber, is the scariest image in Israel nowadays. However, it is the most popular image amid Palestinians. There are a lot of posters with Shahids’ images all over Arab quarters there.

The upbringing of a living bomb starts from the moment, when a mother stops breastfeeding her baby. This is not an exaggeration: it can bee seen very clearly on the Palestinian television. There is no need to understand the Arabian language at that – everything is transcended without any language knowledge. Children learn how to march in kindergartens, they sing army songs and play with real guns. A little girl of three years old tries her best to say that she will become a suicide warrior when she grows up.

Palestinian television keeps showing anti-Israeli propaganda all day long. The Palestinian administration teaches special lessons, at which children are taught efficient ways of murder. The propaganda of hatred is monstrous. It’s on television, it’s on the radio, in comic books and in cartoons. The core subject of all Palestinian cartoons and comics is about throwing stones and killing the enemy with them. No one in Palestine conceals the fact that they teach children to love death. Every bomber that dies as a result of an act of terrorism, becomes a cult figure for everyone else.

According to the information from Israeli special services, suicide terrorists are basically between 14-20 years of age. They used to be poor people basically, although they come from wealthy families nowadays as well. Officially, a family of a killed person gets up to 15 thousand dollars from the Palestinian administration. However, experts say that the lion’s share of that money basically goes to various chiefs and officials. A family usually gets a thousand or two. Hamas pays about one thousand dollars to a would-be terrorist to his or her parents. Children are taught how to be focused and concentrated around the hostile environment. Israel and America have become the incarnation of evil for Palestinian children. A human bomb is very easy to manipulate. It is very cheap, and a lot more efficient than any other mine or bomb. It takes just a human being, a handful of nails, an electric wire, a battery, a cable, acetone, and a special belt. The total cost of the whole set is about $150. A Shahid’s family celebrates the death of their relative as a wedding, in a very festive way.



Translated by Dmitry Sudakov