Three tragic accidents occurred today

“It was the strongest explosion with grave consequences”

Three tragic accidents occurred in the world today, leading news services inform.

RosBusinessConsulting informs with reference to ABC News, several powerful explosions sounded in Indonesian city of Ambon (2,300 km eastward from Jakarta) on Saturday. 53 people were wounded, 10 of them seriously; two children are among the victims.

As reported, the incident occurred about 10:30 a.m. local time in a trading area where number of clients is always great. Cause of the explosion is being estimated now. It is more likely that an explosive assembly detonated, investigators say. Not less than 5,000 people fell victims in clashes between Muslims and Christians in this region over past three years. informs with reference to BBC, an explosion sounded at a night discotheque in western Austria, in Linz, at 03:20 a.m. local time. According to provisional estimates, 20 people were wounded, four seriously.

A police report says, pieces of a hand grenade have been found at the accident site. The wounded are young people at the age of 15-19; surgeons removed up to 10 pieces of hand grenade out of bodies of several young men and girls. Police says, the explosion was the strongest, its consequences are severe; many of the wounded require surgeon help.

The discotheque X-large is usually attended by young people of Serbian and Croatian origin living in Austria. Investigation has been started.

And finally, another tragic accident occurred in Ukraine today: a plane crashed during an aviation show in Lvov today. According to provisional data reported by Ukraine’s Ministry for Emergency Situations, ten people died and dozens were wounded in the crash. A Su-27 plane performed an in-flight maneuver at the show, suddenly it snagged on another standing plane and started falling down still revolving. The accident occurred at 12:52 p.m.

The pilots managed to catapult, but the plane crashed down on the crowd, Interfax reports the pilots are alive. ITAR-TASS also informs, the fighter performed the maneuver at a low altitude. Probably this caused the crash. According to the recent data, 46 people died, 60 were wounded and taken to hospital. The aviation show was dedicated to the 60th anniversary of the 14th aviation corps of Ukraine’s air forces.


Translated by Maria Gousseva

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