New-generation ship-trawler launched

A new-generation research ship built at the federal state unitarian enterprise Khabarovsky Sudostroitelnyi Zavod (Khabarovsk Shipyard) was launched into the Amur (the region's largest river falling into the Sea of Okhotsk) in Khabarovsk (the Far East) on Monday.

As chief specialist of the shipyard Igor Pryadko said, this ship combines two functions - that of a fishing trawler and that of a floating scientific-research laboratory fitted out with the most up-to-date equipment.

The craft was turned over to the Pacific scientific-research fishery centre. It has an unlimited range of operation and is glutted with up-to-date equipment.

The trawler was built on Japanese money transferred as the payment for the quotas for catching fish and aquatic products in the Russian territorial waters.