Hundreds of albanian insurgents pour into Kosovo as United States force leave 8 kilometre GAP

Not surprisingly, the frontier area between Kosovo and Macedonia where the Albanian extremists have greater facility of movement is precisely the area controlled by the US armed contingent of Kfor. Sunday Times reporters tested the security system and found that the US patrols operated 8 kilometres apart, while US soldiers declared that they did not patrol at all at night. The US troops stationed at Debelde, on the Kosovo/Macedonia border, remain in their checkpoints which are 8 kilometres apart, leaving an enormous gap in the middle, through which hundreds of Albanian insurgents are pouring. It is reported that the Kosovar UCK has again been fully mobilised. Albanian rebel sources explain the system: the Albanians are recruited from previously-(NATO) trained terrorists, who assemble at a collection centre deep inside Kosovo. They are organised into bus-loads and are then driven to “border transfer areas” on the frontier. The American sector is the easiest to perforate, especially at night. A US soldier stated: “We do not do patrols at night”. The Macedonian authorities are understandably furious that they are being abandoned by those countries which caused the crisis in the first place. Russia now seems their only hope, but help must come fast, since contacts inside Macedonia confirmed to Pravda.Ru today that the fighting is intensifying as more and more Albanians enter the fray and machine-gun fire can be heard just 10 km. from Skopje, where there are between 150,000 and 200,000 Albanians waiting to see which way the fighting goes. NATO, or its US contingent at least, is not completing its side of the agreement in which it pledged to shore up the border to stop supplies reaching the terrorists. With hundreds of trained extremists entering Macedonia every day, including mercenaries from other Islamic countries, according to some sources, if Skopje is not given urgent support, the heroic efforts of its security forces could be swamped. That the United States of America is actively involved in the process to destabilise the Balkans is now apparent and Pravda.Ru has the duty and the responsibility to expose this scandal. The United States of America armed and equipped the Albanian extremists in Kosovo. The United States of America actively encouraged these extremists to fight the sovereign Yugoslav Army in its own territory (sedition paramount to war crimes and implicit responsibility in the crimes against humanity performed by these bandits). That the Albanian extremists ran out of control, there is little doubt but this is divine justice, once again, for the US external policy strategists, who, when they find themselves overseas, do not know the difference between a penguin and an Eskimo. Now, with the US Congress actively involved in meetings with Albanian terrorist leaders, it does not come as a surprise that the US armed forces turn a blind eye to the agents of evil which they unleashed in the area. Macedonia will not break up for one reason only : its traditional and natural allies will support it. The attempt at sedition on the doorstep of the European Union and the Russian Federation is a resounding failure for US external policy. However, this time it has been noticed and exposed and now leaves Washington wide open to justified accusations of favouring Mafia groups (as before the Bay of Pigs in Cuba) and attempting to destabilise sovereign nations at a time when its own economic fragility is exposed. It never pleased Washington that the EU constitute a strong union and when such a goal seemed impossible to attain, relations were cordial. Now that the sounds coming out of EU summits are more in favour of a pan-European consensus from the Atlantic to the Urals, Washington begins to run scared. When scared, people lack judgement. A colossal example was the over-reaction to a routine case of espionage, leaving the US wide open to a counter-reaction which will certainly damage Washington’s interests more than Moscow’s. Now with this Balkans scandal exposed by Pravda.Ru, we invite the US administration to rethink its external policy of arrogance, belligerence and hostility and to concentrate more on what their country is good at : education in depth, scientific innovation and space age technology. In this, Russia and America can walk together proudly and as friends.

Timothy Bancroft-Hinchey PRAVDA.Ru Lisbon

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