Yugoslav army enters Kosovo. A thorough fiasco of NATO’s peacemaking operation

The Yugoslav army is expected to enter so-called “buffer zone” later today – a 5km strip on the border with Kosovo. Earlier, law and order have been kept there by international peacekeepers and Yugoslav militiamen. As a result, the zone has turned into a base of Albanian militants who would carry out raids upon Serbia and Macedonia. The entrenched separatists are estimated to have up to 1m guns on their hands. Armoured vehicles and artillery is expected to go into the zone. The militants have already commented on this information saying they will fight to the end. Flocks of refugees have moved from the Serbian border deeper into the Kosovo province. The autonomous territory is more and more turning into a second Chechnya – this time in the very centre of Europe. Not long ago, talks between the Serbian authorities and Albanian militants reached a deadlock. The latest initiative by NATO was discussed there: the Yugoslav troops enter the buffer zone to keep law and order, while the Albanians behave themselves – they do not shoot and help identify terrorists. The idea was rebuffed by the Albanian delegation. Now NATO may wash their hands of it. The peacekeepers have failed to keep order. And, after all, it looks like the wrong targets were bombed in the course of the operation… Over the 2 years of living under international peacekeepers, Kosovo has turned into an uncontrolled area, a vast base of international terrorism from which the militants are already starting to dictate their will to nearby countries. Ethnic cleansing perpetrated by Albanians against the Serbs was more impressive than that brought up by the Western propaganda at a time when NATO air raids were being prepared. So, we can rightfully speak of a complete failure of NATO’s peacemaking operation in Yugoslavia. Having interfered in the internal affairs of the state, the “peacemakers” have created grounds for the flourishing of extremism. It is only left for NATO generals to publicly make a helpless gesture and say: “Sorry, we took you for somebody else…”

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