Taliban Reacts to sanctions boycotting American goods and UN

The Taliban regime will boycott the talks with the Northern Alliance mediated by UN envoy Francesk Vendrell and close the UN embassy in Kabul, Abdul Salam Zaif, the Kabul regime’s ambassador has said in Islamabad. In his words, those measures are being taken in response to the US Security Council’s resolution imposing new sanctions against Taliban, RIA Novosti reports. However, Mr. Zaif admitted that the talks with the Northern Alliance could continue, but either directly or under the auspices of the Islamic Conference Organization. Also, the Taliban leadership has decided to ban the import of US goods and other goods “serving US economic interests.” UN Security Council has decided to introduce fresh sanctions towards Taliban because of their refusal to deport “terrorist No.1” Usama ben Laden and also to close camps preparing Muslim militants for operating in other countries. The Security Council’s decision has not caused any unrest in Afghanistan so far. Nevertheless, UN mission’s staff as well as that of the majority of charity organizations have left the country fearing possible violence.

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