Dmitry Litvinovich: Saving a flooded city

The Russian president kept his promise to give the residents of the city of Lensk (Yakutia republic), which suffered a large ammount damage by the flood last spring. The president arrived in Lensk to see what has been done in the city. Vladimir Putin visited two residential areas of the city – ALROSA and Severny. The first one was erected due to the funds of the diamond-mining company ALROSA. The president visited the new apartments in which the citizens live. As RIA Novosti informed, Putin was invited to have tea in one of the families and he did not refuse.

After that. Putin left for the Severny area of the city, where he also saw everything with his own eyes – the new apartment buildings and the sports complex. Putin talked to the children and asked them about their sports achievements. When this short tour of the city was over, the president held a short session, at which he summed up the results of the works.

“The state has done the things it was supposed to do,” – stated the president opening the session. Putin was not generous when it came to praising, but he set out his estimation anyway: “I think that the governmental commission finished the work and the people working here deserve gratitude. I was here after the disaster. I set certain goals, and I had to check the way they were implemented. Moreover, the situation became even more complicated due to the bad weather in which the construction works were being carried out. Besides, I promised I would visit the city, and when you promise you have to keep your word, otherwise - don’t say anything.”

Putin could not help mentioning the occasions when the state funds were used not according to their purpose, intrigues with housing certificates. Following the tradition that there is always small theft in a big issue, Putin said that all infringements and violations would be carefully checked and the adequate measures taken. At the same time. the president called upon everyone not to relax, since everything that had been built would be tested in the coming winter.

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On the photo: Lensk citizens hold poster saying: “Residents of Lensk are grateful for taking care of the city”

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