Sergey Borisov: America may “freeze” emigration to save the nation

When they started saying that the events of September 11 have changed America, no one thought that those changes would be so grand. The things that were included in the notion “America,” started changing. Americans have to sacrifice some of their liberties for more safety. If someone ventured to forecast at the end of the 20th century that such a thing would happen to the United States, he or she would have been considered a fool. Now, everybody is saying something about the threat of free imigration. How come? The Americans were proud of being the nation of imigrants. The imigrants gave birth to the United States. Now, they say that the imigration can bury this country. The events of September 11 made this issue more actual.

Some American observers write with anxiety that America is on the way to becoming a non-Christian country, although it was created as a Christian country. The years of free imigration did their thing and now “the native Americans” are looking through the population census lists with fear.

The Muslim population felt America's anger after the terrorist attack of September 11. The terrorists who took part in those events were foreigners. It does not matter really that the American authorities are calling upon everyone to show patience, as the suspicious attitude towards imigrants is hardly going to decrease.

The Mexicans are very unhappy about the acts of terrorism. Several millions of illegal imigrants from Mexico were supposed to obtain legal status. Now, no one knows what “the native Americans” will say on the score. As far as we know, there have not been any opinion polls on this subject yet, but the American press already urges all to restrain imigration. It was even said that if the current imigration policy continues the way it is now, then the problems of terrorism will never be solved. There is an opinion that if the American population will grow as it did during the last decade, then the Mexicans will become the majority in California by 2005 and in the whole of the USA by 2070. Even if the American administration listens to the advice and holds imigration back, it will not likely change the situation. The world has to prepare for the new America in this century.

Sergey Borisov PRAVDA.Ru