Pogrom in Tsaritsino market: The probe continues

The recent pogrom in Tsaritsino market in Moscow is currently being forgotten, although this event made even the top officials react. The journalists have worked this subject out and switched over to other news, sometimes simply mentioning Vladimir Putin’s order to look into the matter deeply.

Here is the latest information of the score: another rioter of the pogrom, arranged by the young men on the market near the underground station of Tsaritsino, has been nabbed.

As Moscow’s Central Directorate of the Internal Affairs said, the guy’s name was Vladimir Trubin, 22. He was proven guilty of causing serious bodily harm to Kumar Sharma Provid, 37, a citizen of India, who died over the beating. Trubin has already been charged of a murder.

For those, who have forgotten, what it actually goes about, we will remind the chronology. About 150 young men, of 14-17 years old basically, porgomized the market near the Moscow underground station of Tsaritsino on October 30 in the evening. They were crashing the vendors’ booths and stalls, beating the non-Slavonic-looking people. Over twenty people were caused serious bodily harm to, two of them (India’s and Azerbaijan’s citizens) died afterwards. Then the crowd of guys went into the underground and beat 12 people more on the stations of Kashirskaya and Kakhovskaya. One of them, Tajikistan’s citizen Karem Janmamedov, 18, died at the hospital.

The organizer of the pogrom was detained in November – Mikhail Volkov, 19, together with other active participants of the massacre – Valery Rusakov and Sergey Polyakov (17 years old). The murder charges have been brought against the latter. A lot of people were confused with the age of the guy, who organized the pogrom – just 19 years old. Journalists decided, the investigators had found a scapegoat. The absence of the further attention to the case and to organizer's personality has brought good to the law-enforcement bodies. The objectives of the police include the measures for prevention of the crimes, besides the disclosure of the crimes itself. There were no such measures taken, which had lead to the events, mentioned above.

Dmitry Chirkin PRAVDA.Ru

Translated by Dmitry Sudakov

On the photo: The general view of Moscow's Tsaritsino underground station

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