Russia Welcomes Un Resolution On Afghanistan

Russia sides with the political content of UN resolution No.1383 which approves the UN-sponsored Bonn-signed agreement on provisional bodies of power in Afghanistan, reports the Russian foreign ministry. Russia will keep adding up to an early political settlement in Afghanistan, with the UNO playing a central role and the post-conflict rehabilitation of the country to be supervised by this organisation. Resolution No.1383, adopted with Russia's active participation, confirms the necessity of observing the sovereignty, independence and territorial integrity of Afghanistan as well as the Afghan people's inalienable right to determine their political future on their own. Moscow finds it especially important that the resolution fully excludes any possibility for the Taliban movement to take part in the process of forming new bodies of authority in Afghanistan. The UN Security Council has announced its priorities in that country as cooperating with the provisional Afghan government in security maintenance as well as in providing conditions for effective humanitarian aid deliveries and assistance in social and economic rehabilitation of the country.