Chiryurt-Grozny-Mozdok Power Line Comes Back into Operation

The power-generating capacity of Dagenergo, southern Russia's biggest electricity company, is set once more to be connected to the North Caucasus power grid via the territory of Chechnya. The service will go online on Friday, March 14, Dagenergo Deputy Director General Magomed Kurbanov announced.

The Chechnya portion of the Chiryurt-Grozny-Mozdok power line was knocked out in the fighting at the site. From 1994 to 2000, up until a bypass power transmission line via Budennovsk, south of Stavropol, was put into operation, Dagestan's energy sector operated in isolation from the rest of the North Caucasus grid.

The power line LEP-330 through the territory of the Chechen Republic was built in less than a year from last May at the initiative and with the money of the national RAO UES electricity-generating company. A delegation of the country's main energy company executives is due to take part in the launch of the power line. The connection of LEP to the grid will take place at the North Caucasus' largest Chiryurt Substation.