ICQ Crashed All Over the World Today

A lot of ICQ users have lost their contact lists today

Today’s crash of the instant message ICQ server might become the beginning of the end. The Internet pager, which is a bone of contention for AOL, has increased the number of its adversaries today. AOL servers, which support ICQ, crashed during the peak of Internet surfers’ activity. As a result, a lot of users, who kept their contact lists on the server of the company, were deprived of all those contacts. They just vanished.

There have been a lot of news messages reported about the scale of the incident. Western media outlets have not showed any reaction to the event yet. AOL has not released any statement either. The ICQ server does not contain any official information from the server owners. However, there can be certain conclusions made on the matter: a lot of ICQ users lost their contacts. Some people said that their contact lists were destroyed repeatedly, several times during a couple of hours. ICQ users suffered from the server crash all over the world, in various countries, from Taiwan to the United States of America.

One may say that it will soon be possible to talk about the losses of the world economy after a server crash like that. For the time being, experts can not explain the reason why the server crashed. Some experts believe that it was a major hacking attack, or something that competitors ventured to do. It is not ruled out, though, that AOL arranged a crash to promote a paid version of its product this way. It is not known, if it happened incidentally or not. However, it has recently become known that Sun is going to deal with the development of corporate IM-solutions. This way or other, free ICQ has suffered from a very serious blow today. More details are likely to follow tomorrow. Let’s hope that the ICQ administration will explain the reasons and consequences of the server crash.

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Translated by Dmitry Sudakov

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