EU Experts Give High Assessment to Novosibirsk's Scientific Potential

In the Novosibirsk Academic Town, West Siberia, the members of the European Commission's delegation to Russia on Thursday held a presentation of the EU 6th Research framework programme.

The programme aims at encouraging scientific and technical cooperation between the European Union and other countries, including Russia, in such spheres as life science /medicine and genomics/ and biotechnology; information society technologies; nanotechnologies, new materials and production processes; aeronautics and cosmonautics; citizens and management in the society based on knowledge.

At the briefing after the delegation's meeting with governor Viktor Tolokonsky, its head Richard Wright pointed out that the programme was large-scale and that its budget totaled €17.5 billion.

After the work, the experts will consider possibilities of investing in the region's economy.

The EU experts gave a high assessment to the Novosibirsk region's potential, especially in the scientific sphere, Wright emphasized. He is aware that the economic situation in Siberia is estimated as stable, which is especially attractive for foreign investors, the delegation's head added.

The results of the visit will be discussed at the EU Embassy to Moscow in the near future. Then the region may receive a delegation of EU businessmen, scientists and culture workers.