More Threats Coming from Al-Qaida Terrorist Group - 25 January, 2003 - News

A Taliban commander said that Al-Qaida was doing just fine

The world community has been so much preoccupied with the Iraqi issue lately, that the original reason of the struggle went into the background. As a matter of fact, it was originally supposed to be the struggle with terrorism, not with Saddam Hussein. By the way, the international terrorist group Al-Qaida has been doing fine. It changed its title not so long ago.

RIA Novosti news agency reported that journalists of the Pakistani newspaper News managed to interview one of Taliban commanders Gazi Mullah. According to the information of the newspaper, this man stated that Al-Qaida has not been destroyed. He added that the terrorist organization was ready to strike back. The Taliban commander continued that there are about 3500 people involved in the organization at the moment. To crown it all, Mullah said that the organization was called not just Al-Qaida, but Al-Qaida Al-Jihad.

Gazi Mullah also said that at the end of August 2001, a month and a half before the beginning of the American army operation in Afghanistan, Osama bin Laden’s Al-Qaida merged with Egyptian Jamaat al-Jihad. The leaders of the two terrorist groups signed a political manifesto. The manifesto was allegedly added with a list of 3501 names of the people, who were involved in the organization.

Gazi Mullah also said that Al-Qaida was set up to struggle with the USA, Great Britain, Russia, Israel and India – the countries that suppressed Muslim nations. Another interesting thing to know: Jihad will continue until Jerusalem is liberated from the unfaithful, until the Indian occupation of Kashmir is over and until the American troops are removed from Saudi Arabia. Gazi Mullah also informed about Al-Qaida’s new military campaign in Afghanistan. He said that that there would be new terrorist camps set up all over the country to train guerrillas. Mullah added that “Washington and New York will shudder with the power of our future attacks.”

Of course, all that reminds the boasting of another Mujahideen, who is certain that he will get away with all of that. Such statements have already been released from other people. All of those people were Al-Qaida members (they said so, at least). Nevertheless, what if those threats are not simply intimidation? What if Al-Qaida prepares other acts of terrorism? Will the governments of the countries, which Gazi Mullah mentioned, be able to guarantee their citizens that the tragic events of September 11th will not be repeated? Since the USA set up the anti-terrorist coalition, maybe, it is worth taking the struggle with Al-Qaida up to the end? This organization is a lot more dangerous than Saddam Hussein.

Vasily Bubnov PRAVDA.Ru

Translated by Dmitry Sudakov

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