Sexual Strike in Sudan

Former teacher of a Sudan university Samira Akhmed had decided to put an end to the 19-year civil war tearing the country to pieces and declared a sexual strike.

“Women have decided they can make their husbands come to a peaceful agreement, if they deprive they of sex. And they were right,” – Samira Akhmed said. She explained which methods women from Upper Nile used to stop the war killing children. The title of the woman Al-Khair organization means in Arab “refusal from sex with men.”

The movement was organized by 20 women who represented conflicting tribes Loo and Jekani which turned to the epicentre of fights. Now, the movement counts thousands of women, Mrs. Akhmed said. The idea of the woman strike was borrowed from the Aristophane comedy “Lysistrata.” The heroin who was in despair invented an unusual way to make men stop war: she deprived they of woman love.

In contrast to ancient Ellada, the women attempt to politically influence Islam Sudan is a real challenge to the Islam rule, according to which husband always has right to sexual realtion with his wife. This is way, Mrs. Akhmed says, the movement is not so well-known in the north of Sudan, where the government institutions are situated.

“Our women are gentle,” Mrs. Akhmed says. “Most of them never contradict their husbands. Though at the same time, we are a very influential force, and we want to enjoy our influence.”

Mrs. Akhmed considers her activity to be her duty: “This is my duty towards all women who make their best to bring up children in the country ruined by war.”

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