Share of innovation enterprises to reach 17% in Russia by 2010

Innovation enterprises will be accounting for 17 percent of all industrialenterprises in Russia by the year 2010. In 1999, it was 6.2 percent. Thisestimation contained in a report prepared by the Economic Development andTrade Ministry, the Ministry for Natural Resources and the Foreign Ministryfor the world stable development summit that opened in Johannesburg today.In addition, the share of innovation products among all industrial productswill reach 6.5-7.5 percent by 2010 (3.5 percent in 1999). Innovationexpenditures will account for 2.5 percent of industrial productionexpenditures in 2010 (1.06 percent in 1999), which is 50 percent lesscompared to member countries of the Organization for Economic Collaborationand Development on average. At the same time, it was written in the report that in the future Russiawill take a key stand in the world exports of natural resources, especiallyin the exports of energy resources. In particular, in 2002 Russia becamethe number one oil exporter in the world. A significant portion in worldexports of metal, timber and fishing resources belongs to Russia as well.The structure of Russia's imports and exports determines its position inworld trade. Russia's GDP accounts for about 2 percent of the GDP of theworld; 2 percent of the world exports of energy resources belongs to ourcountry as well. In addition, according to a report, "a gap between Russia and developedcountries is supposed to be reduced in a mid-term perspective and itsposition as an active participant and leader of the world stabledevelopment process improved in the long run.".

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