Israeli nukes scare Arabs

Tel Aviv plays nuke games to warn Iran, Iraq, etc

Israel possesses a considerable scientific and military potential to be a nuclear power. This was stated in a report by the experts of the American organization Atomic Scientists. People who know more about it will actually have a smile on their faces instead of shocked expressions.

The first steps in the development of nuclear weapons were made in 1948. The Arab countries created a huge missile potential since they did not have nuclear weapons. According to American sources, Israel had 13 A-bombs in 1973. Israel was on the list of the top six nuclear countries of the world with their plutonium reserves: 500-800 kilos vs. India’s 150 kilos. Specialists say that 260 kilos of plutonium are enough to create 85 thousand nukes. Israel has a powerful arsenal of chemical and biological weapons, as well as an efficient system for the application of weapons of mass destruction. The Jewish state is about to have its neutron and hydrogen bombs. Israel uses the leakage of information about its weapons of mass destruction to place pressure on its Arab neighbors. Israeli leaders reject any suggestions from the international community concerning the control of Israel’s arsenal of mass destruction (reportedly between 100–200 nukes).

Experts say that Israeli nuclear politics is meant to constrain the enemy rather than to be the first to strike. Israel plans to use its nuclear weapons only as the last and desperate attempt to break the course of a war. However, Sharon’s adviser Dore Gold declared: "Israel has both the capability and perhaps even the freedom of action to do what is necessary to defend its population should Iraq decide to extend its war against the international community to Israel itself." The Haaretz newspaper cited Gold as saying: “Our military men will use even nuclear weapons if Iraq dares to use chemical or biological weapons.”

There are several other facts to take into consideration. First, Israel has recently threatened Iran (in connection with the nuclear power plant in Busher). Secondly, the Washington Post wrote with reference to former Pentagon attendants and the US State Department that Israel might equip its submarines with nuclear warheads. Therefore, one may come to conclusion that such an obvious leakage of information regarding Israel’s nuclear plans was not incidental. These leaks are definitely approved of by the top authorities.

One may assume that the era of strategic uncertainty is over. Tel Aviv is playing its nuke games as a warning to Iran, Iraq, etc. The so-called “axis of evil” countries will only accelerate their programs for the development of adequate weapons. This will be their guarantee against any threat on the part of Israel. Time will tell who will win and who will lose.

Dmitry Litvinovich PRAVDA.Ru

Translated by Dmitry Sudakov

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