The reason of intestinal infections is people’s avidity and disposition for self-treatment

Be careful with your food in fall

This was said by Oleg Parkov – the chief of the epidemiological department of St.Petersburg State Epidemic Control. He said that buying cheap food stuffs of poor quality on market places and untimely address to medical aid was often the reason of lethal outcomes.

People should pay a lot of their attention to personal hygiene in fall. The reason why is very serious: the seasonal rise of intestinal diseases happens in the second half of July. As Oleg Parkov said, the epidemic situation with diphtheria worsened in St.Petersburg. This dangerous infection has killed seven people this year, whereas only four people died of diphtheria last year. All of those sick people were not vaccinated against the disease. Oleg Parkov advised that the speed of the mass immunization was still low. There were only 371 thousand adults vaccinated in St.Petersburg over six months of the current year.

Doctors are also very concerned about the growth of salmonella infection. The major source of this intestinal disease is low quality raw chicken eggs. The Center for State Epidemic Control says that if a customer decides to save a little money and buys eggs on market places, then this customer has a lot of chances to spend a fortune on medicines. Salmonella is a very dangerous infection. Every hour is priceless for a sick human being, this illness requires immediate medical aid.

Parkov also said that September was usually the time for A-group hepatite to increase the number of patients too. This is connected with the fact that there are a lot of vegetables and fruit available on market places in September. Damaged or cut melons and water-melons pose the biggest threat in this respect. Grapes should be washed thoroughly and very carefully.

The press service of the State Epidemic Control of St.Petersburg said that there has recently been a local epidemic of A-group hepatite registered in the city. Fourteen people of one of St.Petersburg’s enterprises fell ill with hepatite. All of them caught the disease from salad that they had in a coffee shop.

Anna Radygina PRAVDA.Ru St.Petersburg

Translated by Dmitry Sudakov