Was Kursk wrecked by appropriate fortuity?

The secrets of the Kursk disaster investigation are still unveiled

PRAVDA.Ru is the first of the Russian media outlets to publish the analytical note of the Russian scientists, which was handed over to Russian President Putin. This note made the governmental committee for the investigation of the Kursk submarine death to announce a completely different version of the submarine’s crash.

We have already reported that the analytical note was laid on Vladimr Putin’s table 1.5 months after the tragedy in the Barents Sea, i.e. on September 28, 2000. This note made all further Kursk investigation top secret. The document was prepared by a group of Russian conceptual scientists, and it was signed in a very mystical way: “Internal Predictor of the USSR.” The president's milieu knows that this is something like a collective name for the group, which took part in the development of the “Public Security Concept,” which was successfully approved by the Russian State Duma in 1995. Scientists of politics also know this concept as “Dead Water.” It goes about Russia’s place in the global historic process. It was particularly written in the note: “Kursk submarine fell victim of an appropriate fortuity, it was wrecked by a foreign battleship.”

At first it might seem to be a chronological coincidence: the relations between Russia and America became very warm after the Kursk sank, a lot of admirals, who were not used to keeping their mouths shut, were fired. There was an impression that the West thanked Russia for not advertising some mysteries. Back in September of the year 2000 conceptual scientists foresaw the events, which happened in the USA on September 11th of 2001, 13 months after the Kursk sank in the Barents Sea.

A part of the following analytical note was handed over to President Putin in the beginning of June of the current year. All members of the governmental committee for the investigation of the Kursk death were also given that information. Then there is another coincidence: the chairman of that committee, Ilya Klebanov, announced the results: the reason of the tragedy was a torpedo defect. Well, everything seems to be correct: the scientists dropped a hint to the president that it would be best for him to close the Kursk file in order to prevent the world from the global catastrophe.

The appropriate fortuity of the Kursk death means the beginning of the global collapse, which was caused with the Biblical concept of the world governance and the success of the Quran concept. September 11 of the past year was like a proof of that. PRAVDA.Ru has an opportunity to publish the full text of the analytical note, which put a very quick stop to the public investigation of the Kursk death. We would like to thank first deputy chief of the Russian Military and Space Academy, academician, major-general K.Petrov and other scientists, who took part in the preparation of the article. The text of the note is published &to=https://www.pravda.ru/main/2002/08/12/45553.html' target=_blank>here in Russian.

Andrey Mikhailov PRAVDA.Ru

Translated by Dmitry Sudakov

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