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Nizhny Novgorod region governor gives summary of his work


Nizhny Novgorod Governor Valery Shantsev said that stimulating investment and innovation were the main factors for economic growth.

As the head of the Nizhny Novgorod region said during his traditional report about the work of the Regional Government before deputies of the Legislative Assembly, in 2014 the volume of tax exemptions that was granted to enterprises implementing priority investment projects amounted to about 1.5 billion rubles. In addition, more than 70 million rubles were targeted at increasing credit rates. Two large companies were put into operation: a factory for the production of metallurgical equipment (LLC Danieli Volga) that used to be available only for imports, and a complex for the production of polyvinyl chloride of RusVinyl. The launch of RusVinyl gave a powerful impetus to the innovative cluster in automotive and petrochemical industries.

"We have the infrastructure ready to accommodate new members of the cluster. They are "green" and "brown" areas of "Dzerzhinsk-Vostochny," "Bor-Centralny" and "Oka-polymer" industrial parks, - said Valery Shantsev. - By the way, other companies that are not part of the cluster can also place their productions on the territory of these industrial parks, and they already do so. For example, there is a new resident at "Bor-Centralny" - German Pellets. This is a German company that will build a factory for the production of wood pellets. Also, House-Building Factory Nord House submitted an application for the implementation of an investment project. "Dzerzhinsk-Vostochny" industrial park already has 23 residents, of which six were attracted in 2014. "Oka-polymer" industrial park has 21 participants."