Russia to denounce Russian-Ukrainian agreements on Black Sea Fleet

Russia will denounce a number of bilateral agreements on the Black Sea Fleet of Russia. The process will start after the operational meeting that President Vladimir Putin will conduct a meeting with permanent members of the Security Council of Russia.

The denunciation will affect Russian-Ukrainian agreements signed in Kiev on May 28, 1997, the agreement between Russia and Ukraine on the parameters of the division of the Black Sea Fleet, the agreement on the status and conditions of the presence of the Russian Black Sea Fleet on the Ukrainian territory, the settlement agreement, as well as the Kharkov agreement from 21 April 2010 about the issues the presence of the Russian Black Sea fleet on the Ukrainian territory.

Denunciation (termination) is a duly executed waiver of a state from entering into a treaty. Denunciation is not a breach of contract - on the contrary, it is a legitimate way of its termination.

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