International Observers to Help America on the Road to Democracy

The Florida election may have national consequences
Today, Americans in Florida may face another election nightmare: Florida residents must once again consider the question of Bush; this time, Jeb Bush, the Florida governor. The Democrats, craving revenge in the sunny state, put forward the candidature of Tampa lawyer Bill McBride, 57, for governor.

Florida must be a very good state indeed, as the problem of education was the main issue during the campaign; other problems seem to be more or less settled there. This is a situation Russian politicians can only dream of. Concerning the education problem, the main candidates, Republican Bush and Democrat McBride, have different opinions. McBride told the people who came to listen to his speech that he himself discovered the truth just recently, in his struggle with Jeb Bush. McBride’s truth is that a half-truth is a complete lie, which can be applied to some of the statements made by the incumbent Florida governor.

American observers say that, although the problems discussed in Florida are of a local character, their consequences may have an effect on the whole nation. If Jeb Bush looses Florida this year, his brother George W. Bush is unlikely to be lucky in this state during the next presidential election in 2004. An administrative resource remains a resource everywhere, even in America.

If Jeb Bush is defeated, America may consider it a sign of George’s weakness. This year, George W. Bush visited Florida six times already, and not for rest, but to support his brother Jeb Bush. The Clintons are trying to convince the electorate to vote for McBride. If the education problem is so important during the campaign, it would be interesting to know what opinion polls reveal concerning the problem. According to the recent polls, 51% of those questioned are very displeased with Jeb Bush’s attitude toward education in Florida.

The only thing about which the Florida electorate probably shouldn’t worry is that the 2000 election mess won’t repeat there. This time, international observers have been called in. The presence these observers, Russian and Albanian first of all, will guarantee it. They will watch the Florida governor election very carefully. In this connection, London’s Independent recollects a joke popular during the 2000 elections. It was said in America during the longest presidential election that Russia and Albania would send their observers to help the USA overcome all difficulties on the hard road to democracy. This year, the joke became reality: Russian Election Committee Chairman Alexander Veshnyakov is leaving for the USA for an inspection.

The observers will try to understand if America has learned the lessons of the Florida recount battle in 2000 or not. After being lectured by the Western “teachers” on elections for several years, Eastern Europe has become a good expert in it. Now, they are quite eager to come to the USA and see if the US election legislation corresponds to what was lectured.

Sergey Borisov PRAVDA.Ru

Translated by Maria Gousseva

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