Yemeni immigrant sentenced to 1 year in jail for carrying knife at Detroit airport

A 22-year-old Yemeni immigrant has been sentenced to one year in jail for carrying a knife hidden inside an address book at Detroit Metropolitan Airport.

Wayne County Circuit Judge James Callahan said Tuesday that the 2.5 inch (6.3 centimeter) blade posed little threat but said he was concerned that Mohammed S. Ghanem of Hamtramck had brought it to the airport.

"It didn't really have any sharp edges to it," Callahan said. "Why would someone do it? ... One of the possible reasons to do that was to see if the security system could be breached. Thank God, it was not."

Ghanem said he had no idea the blade was embedded in his address book when he left for what was to be a one-way flight to Yemen on Sept. 7. He is a legal permanent resident of the U.S. and said he was returning to his homeland to find a wife, reports AP.

On Dec. 19, a jury convicted Ghanem of possessing a weapon in a secure area of an airport. Callahan also ordered Ghanem to complete two years' probation after leaving jail. Ghanem has been jailed since his arrest.