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Unknown people kill two and kidnap another two in Chechnya

In Chechnya unknown people killed two and kidnapped two more people, a source in the Chechen Interior Ministry said.

"On Monday morning at 2:45 a.m. Moscow time in the Kalaus village of the Grozny district unknown people in masks threatening with weapons kidnapped Aslan Rasuyev and Zhalil Matsuyev taking them in unknown direction," the source said.

According to the source, Matsuyev's brother Rizvan attempted to offer resistance, but was killed.

Currently the law-enforcement officers inquire into the incident. The Vulkan-5 operation has been initiated in order to find the kidnapped and detain the criminals.

According to the source, earlier that day in the village of Oiskhar of the Gudermes district unknown people shot a local woman.

"According to witnesses, on Sunday in the early hours four armed people dressed in camouflage uniform came to the village, started to drink alcoholic beverages and use foul language," the source in the Interior Ministry said. "When a woman made a remark to them, they delivered a shot into her direction. The woman later died of the received injury," the source added.

After the murder four unknown people drove away from the village on a Niva car. They are being searched for at the present moment.

As a result of the explosion in the Shali district of Chechnya a police officer was wounded, the Chechen Interior Ministry reported.

The explosion of the bomb, planted on a road near the village of Mesker-Yurt, occurred yesterday at 1.10 p.m. Moscow time when a Ural truck with servicemen of a combined police detachment was riding on this road. One senior police officer received injuries and was later hospitalized as a result of the explosion.

Investigation is underway.