Armed Forces Of Pakistan, Taliban Militia And Bin Laden's Gunmen Launch An Offensive Against Northern Alliance

The armed forces of Pakistan, the military formations of the Taliban movement and the gunmen of international terrorist Usama bin laden have begun a new large-scale offensive on the positions of the Northern Alliance, says a statement by the Foreign Ministry of the Islamic State of Afghanistan circulated on Thursday by the Afghan embassy to Tajikistan. The statement says that since April 26 the Taliban aviation has been bombing administrative centres and populated areas in the province of Takhar, the most important strongholds of the anti-Taliban coalition in the north of Afghanistan - Chol, Ishkamish, Farhar, Dashti, Qal'a. Mostly civilians among whom there are many victims suffer from air raids and the explosion of heavy artillery shells. The number of refugees increases every day. A humanitarian disaster is intensifying in the country, the statement says. As the Foreign Ministry of the Islamic State of Afghanistan points out, the current military aggression against Afghanistan was preceded by a thorough military and strategic training of the armed forces of Pakistan, the Taliban units and the terrorists of Usama bin Laden. In particular, this year the religious extremist parties of Pakistan held twice, with the support of Pakistani military authorities, meetings where the message by the Taliban leader mullah Omar about the military solution of the Afghan conflict was read out. The statement of the Foreign Ministry of Afghanistan stresses that the Northern Alliance does not support the solution of the conflict by the military method and is ready to begin negotiations to create in Afghanistan a single provisional government.

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