Two On-board Recorders Of Il-76 Aircraft Which Crashed Near Okhotsk Found

Two on-board recorders - the so-called "black boxes" - were found in the place of the crash of an Il-76 airplane near the city of Okhotsk on the western shore of the Sea of Okhotsk. Both recorders have been brought to a frontier station. The Il-76 aircraft of the Federal Frontier Service of Russia crashed near Inya settlement not far from Okhotsk on Sunday. The airplane was flying from Sheremetyevo near Moscow to the capital of the Chukot Autonomous Area in the Far North-East of the country, the city of Anadyr, with an intermediate stop in Bratsk (the west of the Baikal area) with a cargo of building materials and foodstuffs. It carried eighteen people, among them eight members of the crew. According to the preliminary data, all of them perished.