Local population of Chechnya assist police

Local population is assisting the Chechen police in finding arms and ammunition caches.

According to the regional staff, the other day Grozny residents informed the police about an arms and ammunition cache planted in the attic of a half-destroyed building.

The cache contained TNT cartridges, bullets, rocket launcher rounds and grenades. The investigation revealed that a member of illegal armed formations destroyed in a skirmish this May had planted the cache.

Residents of the Vedeno district reported to the local police department about a militant base built on the Cherepakha Mountain. Police officers searched the area and found a cache containing three Kalashnikov assault rifles and an ammunition crate with 1,080 bullets.

According to the regional staff, over the past 24 hours, Chechen policemen have confiscated 4 assault rifles, 3 pistols, 3 rocket launchers, a hunter rifle, 30,892 bullets, 32 grenades, 38 rocket launcher rounds, a shell and three fuses. Federal forces also discovered 6 land mines.