Man cuts himself, jumps out of window over one-way love

A young resident of the city of Omsk attempted to commit suicide because of unrequited love. Having perched on the window sill, the man cut his body with a piece of glass, rubbed his own blood all over himself and jumped down. Luckily, he survived the fall. 

The incident took place on Wednesday, June 5. At some point, the people living in one of apartment buildings of Khimikov Street heard screams and the sound of breaking glass. Having found the source of the noise, the people could see the following picture.

A 20-year-old man, wearing only his underwear, broke a window in his apartment on the sixth floor and sat on the window sill. Fighting off a woman, his mother, who tried to draw him back into the room, he grabbed a piece of broken glass and started cutting his body with it, stabbing himself in the chest. Click here to see the video. Warning! Graphic content!

Then the man swung his legs over the sill and jumped down. His mother, leaning out the window, managed to grab his hand, but she could not hold her sturdy son. Fortunately, the man flew only three floors down and landed on the roof of a smaller adjacent building.

He stayed nearly motionless there for some time, but then started shaking in convulsions. The man soon came to himself, and even tried to crawl away from the man, who climbed onto the roof to help him.

Police officers later told reporters that the young man attempted to commit suicide because of a fight that he had had with his girlfriend, the Komsomolskaya Pravda newspaper said. Nothing has been said on whether the man was staying under the influence of narcotic substances.  


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