The Blagovest Chief-bell to Be Soon in Trinity Temple

In Trinity Temple in the city of Tur, there well be soon the chief-bell Blagovest (church-going bell). The basic complete of the bells was bought by the temple in 2000, since that time the belfry has 6 bells. Though, to have the full complete, the temple had to buy a chief-bell, which was ordered to the Yekaterinburg factory Blagovest, specialized in creation bells of all Russia eparchies.

Which is unusual for the factory, is that only believers work there. The order of the Evenk temple was financed by the fund Regions of Russia, while the price made about 200 thousand rubles (approximately $ 66,000). According to prior of the temple, celibate priest father Timofei, the chief-bell will be established on the belfry which weights 300 kg and consecrated in spring, by Easter.

Since that time, the belfry will be fully completed, which is very important, for namely the church-going bell voice must call people to a divine service. According to father Timofei, the chief-bell in a church is a kind of soloist in theatre.

Translated by Vera Solovieva

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