Author`s name Michael Simpson

62 Spanish Peacekeeper Tragically Died Because of Drunk Pilot

Relatives of the perished military blame Spain's defense ministry for the crash
In about half a year after the catastrophe of Yak-42 of Ukraine’s Mediterranean Airlines with 62 Spanish peacekeepers on board going home from Afghanistan, it has been discovered that one of the pilots was drunk. The information was reported by the Eraldo Da Aragon newspaper with reference to members of the commission investigating details of the tragedy. The edition also reports that one of the air hostesses was also drunk.

The results of examination of the dead bodies found at the Yak-42 accident site have also revealed too high level of alcohol in the blood of the crew members, the chairman of the investigation commission reports. The airplane crashed near the Turkish city of Trabzon.
According to witnesses, the crew members of the Ukrainian plane drank alcohol in a restaurant during a six-hour stopover in Manas (the former Soviet republic of Kyrgyzstan).
On Monday, the Association of relatives of the tragically perished Spanish peacekeepers declared it would institute criminal proceedings against the Spanish ministry of defense. Relatives of the deceased officers belonging to the Spanish army elite say that the ministry is partially guilty of the tragedy. They say the ministry must not have leased a plane from an airline while other countries have already complained about its poor service and unsatisfactory security norms.
As it became known later, Spanish officers who used the planes of the airlines to go to hot spots appealed to the army command several times and complained about the airline's poor service. Unfortunately, the army command disregarded the complaints. Tiredness of the plane crew has been originally stated as one of the air crash reasons.