Sleeping disorders may develop night hunger syndrome and lead to adiposity

Sleeping pills should be taken only when the problem cannot be solved with the help of other methods

Today, many people fear that sleeplessness and sleeping problems entail more other problems, adiposity among them. Doctor of medical sciences, Professor Gennady Kovrov from Moscow's Sechenov Medical Academy states there is no direct connection between sleeplessness and adiposity.

Indeed, sleeping disorders always indicate some health problems. Some of us suffer from the night eating syndrome and wake up in the middle of the night because of hunger. This in many cases entails adiposity.

It is easy to once again have normal weight in case such eating at night is not regular. If you wake up every night and feel you need to eat something immediately, this is really a problem for your weight and health. Stay in bed for some time when you wake up next time, do not go to the fridge immediately and try to fall asleep again. Reading or listening to the quiet music may help fall asleep in this case. If hunger is still strong have some fruits or juice. And if these recommendations will not work then visit endocrinologist or neurologist. The night hunger may be the result of  ulcer or some neurology problems.

Some people have problems with falling asleep. Experts say that transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation may help people solve the problem. Electrical stimulation of nerve-endings makes for better production of endorphins and encephalins. These hormones are natural analgetics and consequently can alleviate pain, relieve tension and calm people down.

This stimulation method has been successfully applied in treatment of neurology diseases for a rather long period already. Patients who have undergone the treatment now have better sleep and fall asleep easily. It should be mentioned that stimulation of nerve-endings to fight the sleeplessness problem is perfectly successful. To get rid of insomnia, patients must undergo a steady course of treatment of 10-14 days.

It is no good to take sleeping pills to get rid of sleeping disorders. It is important to  follow the sleep hygiene first of all: air the room before going to bed; make sure that your bed is comfortable enough; try to be calm in the evening, read a book or listen to the quiet music before going to bed. Remember that you should go to bed and wake up at one the same time. This will certainly make sleep better.

Take sleeping pills only when the problem cannot be solved with other methods. Even modern sleeping pills are not perfect as they make people dependent upon such pills and cause drowse during the day. If you suffer from sleeplessness regularly and want to solve the problems with sleeping pills first of all consult a doctor. It is important that doctors can prescribe suitable medicines for every particular patient. A safe course for taking sleeping pills makes up 10-15 days, the period within which patients do not become dependent upon these pills.

There are preparations and biological additions made of herbal components, valerian and motherwort first of all, that are actually effective for fighting sleeplessness. It makes sense to make tea of these herbs and take it twice a day. This herbal tea will not cause any problems during the day as sleeping pills can. To make this treatment more effective, drink herbal tea within at least 1-2 months.
Everybody knows that stresses drastically spoil the sleep. There are some modern medicines that help overcome stress and thus solve the sleep problem. These medicines help get relaxed before going to bed and have good night. But some of these medicines may cause drowse during the next day. Better not drive a car next day if you take such pills before going to bed. To avoid traffic accidents, drivers must always have good sleep at night. Statistics reveals that majority of traffic accidents occur because of sleepy drivers.

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Author`s name Olga Savka