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Anna Kournikova Finally Quits

She will not play tennis anymore, although she may become a TV star

Russian tennis star Anna Kournikova has announced the end of the her sports career. Anna has decided to become an actress and a TV host, Skynews reports. For example, Anna intends to play a part in the television series "Sex in the City." Kournikova has already has some televsion experience. She has worked as a sport journalist for five days only, although she was paid $140,000 for the stint. Anna was fired because she did not suit the position from the professional point of view.

An American newspaper did not miss the opportunity to mock the the Russian tennis star, reported. Reporters wrote that Kournikova was a lot better at tennis than at television. Anna made many  mistakes in her reports, and the only thing that could attract viewers' attention was her tight sexy outfits.

In 2001, Anna had a serious leg trauma and she failed to return to her previous tennis playing level. Now, Anna Kournikova ranks 77th in the world of tennis. This season, Kournikova has played only six games, not winning one set. Anna has not won a WTA tournament during the course of her entire career.