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USS Blue Ridge visits Vladivostok

08.08.2002 | Source:



The USS Blue Ridge command ship arrived on Thursday in Vladivostok, the main base of the Russian Pacific Fleet, on an unofficial visit. According to the Pacific Fleet's press centre, the man-of-war visits Vladivostok under the flag of Vice-Admiral Robert Willard, the US 7th Fleet Commander.

The agenda of the event includes a meeting between Vice-Admiral Viktor Fadeyev, the Russian Pacific Fleet Commander, and Vice-Admiral Robert Willard, the US 7th Fleet Commander, as well as visits to the Maritime Territorial Administration and the Vladivostok Mayor's Office.

US sailors will lay wreaths to the Eternal Fire of the Combat Glory of the Pacific Fleet memorial and go on several city tours.

Basketball and volleyball matches constitute the traditional sportive part of the visit.

On August 9th, the United States Navy Band will hold a concert in the city's central square.

This is the fifteenth visit of US men-of-war to Vladivostok over the past 12 years. Russian sailors, in their turn, have visited US Navy bases in San Diego, Purl Harbor and Seattle.


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