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Officials of new Ukrainian authorities glorify fascist crimes of Stepan Bandera

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Officials of new Ukrainian authorities glorify fascist crimes of Stepan Bandera. 52301.jpeg
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The charges of aiding fascism against the supporters of Stepan Bandera that the Soviet Union filed at the Nuremberg Trials were fabricated, Yuriy Sergeyev, Ukraine's Permanent Representative at the UN Security Council told reporters after the meeting of the council.

According to Sergeyev, the USSR tried to get the West recognize nationalists as war criminals, but the Nuremberg Tribunal refused to do so, because the facts had been  falsified, Sergeyev stressed.

Sergeyev emphasized that one should not believe the media that represent the victory of Nazism in Ukraine to the world.

"Millions of Ukrainians in the West are normal European citizens," he said.

Sergeyev also acquitted the program of Freedom party in the part when the party seeks justification of the crimes committed by Stepan Bandera's followers.

The nationalist organization under the leadership of Stepan Bandera actively cooperated with Hitler's troops during the war, fighting against Jews, Russians and Poles. The Soviet Army eliminated Bandera's army only in the late 1950s. "Svoboda" ("Freedom") was founded after the collapse of the Soviet Union. Its leaders were included on the top ten list of most active anti-Semites of the world and called on to fight with "goat-likes [Russians] and kikes."


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