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Woman registers young lioness as domestic cat to travel by train

22.05.2014 | Source:


Woman registers young lioness as domestic cat to travel by train. 52818.jpeg

A young lioness was detrained in Russia's Urals after the feline started "playing too much" and made it very problematic to continue the journey, officials at the Transport Department of the Interior Ministry in the Urals Federal District said.

The nine-month lioness, which the owner registered as a cat, was traveling in a train compartment. The owner of the 50-kilo feline was trying to transport the animal as a domestic cat. The woman proved to be unable to cope with the animal, which, among other things, was traveling without a muzzle.

"When a unit of transport police arrived on the scene, it was obvious that the owner could not keep the situation under control. One had to urgently isolate the playful beast," officials said.

The animal was tranquilized and taken out of the train under the control of an experienced trainer. The owner of the dangerous predator will now have to explain why she took a nine-month lioness to a train compartment as a domestic cat. The railway employees, who made the situation possible, will be called into account as well.


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