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FSB starts living in tomorrow

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It is not ruled out that newly-appointed FSB deputy director Alexander Borodai will seriously take up the apartment bombings in Moscow and Volgodonsk
The Russian Federal Security Service (known by the initials FSB) is experiencing a reshuffling. Alexander Borodai was appointed FSB deputy director, responsible for the information policy and special projects; the newly-appointed deputy director will organize the FSB’s most delicate operations in the political sphere. This information was provided by the Agency of Political News with reference to a source in the presidential administration.

Observers say that, from now on, the FSB will treat problems inside Russia in a philosophic manner, as Alexander Borodai is a professionally qualified philosopher, who graduated from the philosophy department of the Moscow State University. At the age of 35, his rank is already major-general, and, very soon, he may be conferred a higher rank.

It is rather interesting, but, until recently, Alexander Borodai worked in the editorial office of a Russian patriotic newspaper Zavtra, whose editor-in-chief Alexander Prokhanov is famous for his rather complicated relations with the FSB. The problem is connected mostly with his book Mister Hexogen, which about the secrets of the explosions that sounded in Moscow.

Publications by Alexander Borodai in Zavtra were rather critical; he touched upon Russia’s pseudo-elite and mentioned Russian officials Chubais and Chernomyrdin. Chechnya and problems of the North-Caucasus region and events in Middle Asia were a topic of special concern to him.

It is not ruled out that, following Alexander Prokhanov, his namesake, Alexander Borodai, will seriously take up the hexogen explosions. To be more precise, he will be working on the neutralization of disclosures made by not unknown Lieutenant Colonel Litvinenko, who, in London, declares that the FSB was involved in the apartment bombings in Moscow. Alexander Borodai was appointed to a new post right on the day when Litvinenko made the statement. Observers think this is a rather interesting fact.

However, newspaper Zavtra did not comment upon Borodai’s appointment in the FSB at all. Moreover, it published forecasts concerning the further development of the case of the apartment bombings. The forecast says, “According to information received from London, Boris Berezovsky through Litvinenko will give documents revealing the connection of Vladimir Putin’s team with the terrorist acts in Moscow and Volgodonsk.”

Pyotr Bely PRAVDA.Ru

Translated by Maria Gousseva

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