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Act of God strikes Oklahoma, over 100 killed, many of them children

21.05.2013 | Source:




Act of God strikes Oklahoma, over 100 killed, many of them children. 50134.png

The number of victims of the devastating tornado that struck the U.S. state of Oklahoma, continues to rise as the rescue operation goes on. At nightfall (the time difference between Oklahoma City and Moscow is nine hours), rescuers did not stop searching through debris, despite the fact that there was a blackout in the 50,000-strong Moore, the town that suffered from the natural disaster most.

The number of victims of the tornado in Oklahoma has reached over 100 people, local TV channel Koco 5 reports. Representatives of medical services officially confirmed the deaths of 51 people, the bodies of 40 more victims are to be delivered to hospitals in the near future. There are 20 children among the victims.

According to various sources, from 140 and 230 people, of whom 20 to 45 are children, received injuries of varying degrees of severity. The New York Times, citing a source in local hospitals, reported that the number of children, who suffered from the disaster, has reached 70.

A large number of children among the dead and wounded occurred due to the fact that the tornado destroyed one of the primary schools in Moore. "It will be a miracle if we find survivors there," a representative of local authorities told KWTV. According to preliminary data, about 50 students may still remain under the rubble.

According to local residents, the school building was not just demolished, but also flooded.  Moving further, the tornado destroyed two water towers that flooded surrounding areas.

On the threshold of the tragedy, on May 19th, the situation in the state was already threatening. Local residents could see the emergence of a tornado with their own eyes. Despite the frightening scale of tornadoes, no emergency occurred. Another attack of nature that took place later one became a terrible tragedy.

According to the National Weather Service, the wind speed inside the tornado funnel could reach 200 miles per hour (320 km/h). The width of the tornado was about two miles (about three kilometers). The tornado that swept through the suburbs of Oklahoma City was a four category twister, reports CNN. Journalists have already dubbed this tornado a "monster."

The most recent tornado in Oklahoma has already surpassed the twister of 1999 that killed 44 people.

President Barack Obama declared several communities across the state a disaster area. 

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