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Chad poachers kill 89 elephants in one night

20.03.2013 | Source:


Chad poachers kill 89 elephants in one night. 49690.jpeg

According to the International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW), poachers from a southern province of Chad killed 89 elephants in one night, Australian News said.

According to the organization, about 50 Arabic-speaking,riders, destroyed 33 pregnant female elephants, 15 young and 41 adult elephants. It was said that soldiers from the army of Chad were searching for the poachers.

"This tragedy once again proves that the population of elephants in Central Africa is endangered," one of the representatives of the IFAW said. According to him, it could be the poachers from Sudan, who in February 2012 killed 300 elephants in northern Cameroon.



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