Chinese terrorists to blow up nuclear dirty bomb in USA?

The FBI has recently expanded the list of suspects to 16 individuals

Law-enforcement agencies of Massachusetts are looking for a group of Chinese chemists suspected of preparing a terrorist act in the USA. A well-known astrologist, Hassan Charni, who predicted Yasser Arafat's death, said that terrorists would attempt to kill President Bush in 2005. Charni became world famous when he predicted Princess Diana's death.

US special services received information about Chinese saboteurs from an anonymous source in California. A man said that he had assisted in bringing six people to the USA. He decided to go to the police when he learned that the people were working on a terrorist act.

The same source told US special services that nuclear materials for the terror attack would be shortly delivered to the States from Mexico. It probably goes about a so-called dirty bomb.

The story with the dirty bomb that the terrorists intended to explode in Boston still continues. The FBI has recently expanded the list of suspects to 16 individuals.

Information about a certain group of four Chinese and two Iraqi nationals appeared on the day of George W. Bush's inauguration. The group reportedly arrived in the USA from Mexico to conduct subversive activities in the States. The terrorists' plan was rather sophisticated: they were going to use a nuclear “dirty bomb” – a bomb with radioactive materials. An explosion of such a bomb disperses its radioactive filling and infects people with radiation sickness. A dirty bomb has never been used anywhere before. Specialists, however, say that terrorists might use this kind of weapon in their activities.

Michael J. Sullivan, the US Attorney for Massachusetts, stated that there was absolutely no reason to panic for the information about the “terrorist group” had not been confirmed. Special services, Sullivan added, could not even say that the suspects were staying in the USA. The attorney did not exclude, though, that the whole story of the terrorist threat could eventually become someone's joke.

China's official reaction to the information about a group of Chinese and Iraqi citizens preparing a terrorist act in the USA was rather laconic. An official spokesperson for the Chinese foreign ministry said that China supported the efforts of the international community to struggle against any form of terrorism. It was particularly said that China was a victim of terrorism too.

A grand spying scandal similar to the one in 2001 is not likely to occur now (in 2001, the Chinese authorities ordered a US spy plane to land in China). Both the US and Chinese administrations are highly cautious in their comments regarding the current incident. It brings up the idea that the two countries do not have a wish to make a large-scale conflict of the story.

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Author`s name Olga Savka