Free the hostages

Descending to the same level as the United States of America will not make any friends for the Iraqi resistance

True, the USA and UK made a serious mistake in attacking Iraq and true, tens of thousands of innocent civilians were butchered in this most shocking act of butchery in recent history.

True, cluster bombs were deployed in civilian areas and true, people were tortured, women were raped, men were forced to commit sodomy, people were humiliated in the most blatant breach of the Geneva Convention since the Vietnam war.

True, kids have been slaughtered, their arms and legs blown off, their eyes blown out and their faces blown away by cluster bombs. True, civilian infra-structures were targeted to such an extent that even today the water and electricity supply is not working fully in Iraq.

However, if the actions of the US forces and their allies are shocking and wrong, two wrongs do not make a right. While it is the right of the Iraqi resistance to stand up and fight against the invader, as it was the duty of the French resistance to fight against the fascists during WW2, it is also the responsibility of these resistance fighters to opt for military targets and not civilian ones.

The soldiers in the foreign invasion force in Iraq knew what they were doing when they invaded. The civilians are not military targets any more than the Iraqi civilian infra-structures were.

To say that attacking one is wrong and the other is justified, defies logic. The Iraqi resistance should be one better than the regimes it is fighting against and treat civilians with the respect they deserve, especially as the majority of them came to Iraq to help. True, the Iraqi resistance does not force them to commit acts of sodomy, nor does it force them to lie in pyramids or suck each other's sexual organs. Therefore to kill the hostages would be to lose any respect for or justification of their cause.

Letting the hostages go, all of them, would be a sign of great strength of character and a demonstration of a magnanimous approach to crisis management which is a signal of superiority, wisdom and great clemcy, the clemency that Allah spoke about in the Noble Qu'ran.

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Author`s name Olga Savka