Biden needs his own special military operation in Mexico

USA to launch special military operation in Mexico


US Congress asks President Biden to send troops to Mexico to fight drug trafficking. Does the US want to kick off a special military operation in Mexico? Pravda.Ru asked this and other questions to Igor Nikulin, former adviser to the UN Secretary General and member of the UN Disarmament Commission.

"US Congress has been asking Biden to strike drug cartels in Mexico since January. They even talk about a possibility to deploy troops in Mexico. Why does the US care about the problem of drug trafficking now?"

"First off, drug addiction has been evolving into a national disaster in the US. Secondly, the election campaign is getting started, and Biden needs a "short victorious war." Mexico for the States is like Ukraine for Russia. It appears that special military operations on the territory of a neighbouring country become an international trend.

"Republicans mostly get the support from white voters, whereas Democrats are popular among national and sex minorities. Only 16 percent of the US population support Democrats' economic policies. Therefore, one has to pay first priority attention to foreign policy. Because of the invasion, the States will lose voters of Mexican origin. Such a decision will spark protests against the deployment of troops, but at the same time, they believe that they will be able to win part of the Republican electorate with such decisive actions.

"However, when the Americans similarly attempted to invade Colombia, Pablo Escobar simply staged a terrorist war, and Colombia turned into Beirut for several years.

"Instead of a quick victory, the Americans will have to experience a terrorist war in big cities. It will also move to the territory of the United States. Mexicans constitute the vast majority of population in southern states, such as California, Texas, Colorado, Arizona. These states used to belong to Mexico. They live on drug trafficking profits, and taking their profits away from them is a hard nut to crack.

"Anti-American sentiments are very strong throughout Latin America, and they will grow even stronger if this brazen aggression takes place. I think that Argentina and Mexico may join the BRICS as a result."

"According to Latin American press, USA's invasion of Mexico could be a move to topple the leftist regime of López Obrador. The Americans sent a contingent to Peru to protect the junta that overthrew the previous leftist president. Mexico will be next, then the States will come up with something else to remove Maduro, then Ortega, then they will come to Brazil, and so on. Do you agree with this?"

"Neocons try to establish their world order everywhere they go, and they use military force to accomplish their goals. They do not care how many people will die. Look at Syria, Iraq, Libya, Afghanistan.

"However, all of those wars had a bitter ending for the States, because the American army has a very low threshold of sensitivity to pain. They do not know how to endure and bear losses. In any case, USA's possible invasion of Mexico will lead to thousands of victims, including among the civilian population. The Mexican army will show resistance. A terrorist war will break out.

"Biden still has a trick up his sleeve — he can grant American citizenship to all illegal immigrants in the United States. First generation of migrants vote for Democrats, and the second generation — for Republicans.

"They hope for such a temporary effect, but if a military operation in Mexico starts, the popularity of Democrats in the Mexican community will decline dramatically. A number of states, such as California or Texas, are prone to separatism. Democrats are thus making a time bomb that may explode soon."

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Author`s name Lyuba Lulko
Editor Dmitry Sudakov