Cronkite warns of Armageddon - 29 October, 2002

Walter Cronkite, once the most trusted man in America, is now warning World War III is around the corner.

Speaking at Texas A&M Sunday, the former CBS News anchor, and lately a spokesman for globalist, one-world causes, said the United States should not take action against Iraq without the support of the United Nations.

"The threat from the White House is to go in anyway," Cronkite said, according to a report in the college paper, The Eagle. "Our only ally would probably be Great Britain. That is not good enough. I see the possibility if we do that of really setting forth World War III."

If the United States goes in without worldwide support, however, other countries in the region such as Iran and Pakistan could retaliate against the U.S., Cronkite said. He said the threat of nuclear exchanges between India and Pakistan could be increased if a conflict arises.

Cronkite said he fears Americans are learning less and less about what their government is doing, and worse, they do not seem to care.

He cited recent presidential elections that have seen less than half of registered voters go to the polls. The result has been leaders who are chosen by about a quarter of the electorate.

"That means we don't have a democracy," he said. "We've got an oligarchy here, not a democracy. Our democracy is in some danger if we don't concentrate on educating the populace."

Educating Americans should rest with the media, he said. But more often than not, nightly newscasts and the networks' magazine-style shows focus more on entertainment than hard news. Cronkite said this approach is the result of directives from the companies that own the networks to make things more "interesting."


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Author`s name Margarita Kicherova