Washington wants its Trojan horse in Europe

41997.jpegUS Secretary of State Hillary Clinton continues to tour Europe. She has already visited Bosnia and Herzegovina and Serbia. Today, she is expected to have a meeting with the Albanian authorities of Kosovo. Afterwards, Clinton will travel to Brussels, where the head of US diplomacy is expected to conduct negotiations with the administrations of the European Union and NATO.

In Sarajevo, Bosnia's capital, Clinton made a strange statement. "Hatreds have eased, but nationalism persists. Meanwhile, the promise of greater stability and opportunity, represented by integration into Europe, remains out of reach," she said.

"Your neighbours have taken strides in that direction. They know there is no better way to achieve sustained economic growth and long-term political stability than by integrating with Europe . . . Now is the time for the citizens of this country to make your voices heard," she added.

Clinton was talking about Slovenia, which became a EU member six years ago, and Croatia, which will join the EU in a year or two. Serbia and Montenegro have already submitted their bids for EU membership. Mrs. Clinton apparently believes that now it is Bosnia's turn to become a part of united Europe.

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That was a very curious statement for a top US official to make. The US Secretary of State said that it would be so good if the countries of the former Yugoslavia joined the EU - the organization, in which the US is not a member and never will be. It just so happens that the US official was instructing EU's governing agencies on its new members. Clinton pointed out "the best path" for the Balkan states to the organization, which the United States has no relation to.

The above-mentioned remarks in Sarajevo could be regarded as a singular event, but USA's top diplomat for Europe Philip Gordon released a similar statement later on. Speaking about Clinton's plans in Serbia, Gordon stated that the goal of the US administration was to make the Serbs start a dialogue with Kosovo Albanians for their joint European integration.

"We've been quite clear that we believe that further reforms are necessary," said Philip Gordon, the top US diplomat for Europe.

"The Bosnians need to follow up," he said. "The rest of the region is moving towards Europe, and Bosnia is going to have to overcome these ethnic divisions ... if they want to go down this path."

Therefore, the Americans openly interfere in the affairs between independent entities of international law - the European Union and the Balkan states. Why does the US administration want the Balkan countries to join the European Union? The conclusion is forced upon you: the Americans want to weaken the influence of the organization. They particularly want to weaken the influence of Germany and France by introducing Washington's Trojan horse within the walls of the European Union. It is an open secret that the prospects of conflicting situations between the EU and the USA pose economic and political concerns for the US leadership.

"The integration into the EU and NATO is like an American bait for the Balkan states. The USA wants to "buy" them this way to be able to skillfully manipulate those countries afterwards. The USA has special interests in each of those states," Elena Guskova, a witness to The Hague Tribunal, the chairwoman of the center for the modern Balkan crisis told Pravda.Ru.

"Let's take Bosnia and Herzegovina, for example. The Americans propagate the idea of changing the constitution in this country, which is supposed to considerably strengthen the Muslim-Croat Federation supported by the West on the whole and by the USA in particular.

"The Constitution of Bosnia and Herzegovina, formed in 1995 on the base of the Dayton Agreement, anchors the existence of two state formations of its territory: the Republic of Srpska and the Muslim-Croat Federation. However, the constitution, which was virtually written by Europe and the USA, implies the existence of Bosnia and Herzegovina as a single state.

"As for Kosovo, the situation there is different. First and foremost, one should bear in mind the fact that US army bases are deployed there. No one, except for Americans themselves, controls those bases. One can do anything there: arrange human organ transplantation hospitals or build secret jails which would be absolutely unreachable for human rights activists and journalists. Now they want to strengthen their influence in Kosovo by pushing it towards the EU.

"All this is aimed against the Serbs. The West and the USA contributed a lot to the destruction of Yugoslavia. After Slovenia and Croatia obtained independence, the West continued cutting the region to pieces. The Americans want to finish what they started. They want to cut the present-day Serbia to minimize its role in the Balkans. One of the main reasons of this politics is the fact that Belgrade is an ally of Moscow. If Serbia joins the EU, the situation will change drastically. It will no longer be able to run independent politics," the specialist said.

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Author`s name Dmitry Sudakov