Ukrainian female still drinks strongest alcohol beverages at age 114

The woman can make wine and brew beer, although she does not drink them

Ukrainian female resident Yevdokia Vyshimirskaya is the oldest person living on planet Earth. The woman is 114 years old. She is almost one year older than Netherlands-based Hendrikje van Andel, whose name can be found in the Guinness Book as the oldest individual living on Earth.

Yevdokiya was born in 1890. She has been through three centuries, one civil war and two world wars. Now she is having a hard time too, because “they do not pay any money now,” the woman says. The Ukrainian woman has outlived her children and even grandchildren. Unlike the Dutch woman, Yevdokiya can still drink alcohol – the traditional Ukrainian strong drink known as gorilka. She still works in her vegetable garden. To crown it all, Yevdokiya is known as the most skilful embroideress in the region.

Yevdokiya currently lives with her grandson, his wife and their child. The old lady does not suffer from any diseases – she has never been to hospitals, she has never asked for doctors' help. Yevdokiya was not lucky with her family life. Her parents did not let her marry her man in 1910 – they stated he was poor. “I cried and cried and then decided not to marry anyone ever,” says she. Yevdokiya kept her word until she turned 39.

There was always something wrong with Yevdokiya's looks: she looked 20 at her forties, she looks 70 in her hundreds. However, the woman can easily feel the difference between strong alcohol drinks of  50 and 60 degrees. The woman can make wine and brew beer, although she does not drink them. “I started drinking strong alcohol beverages only in my thirties – my parents never let me have a shot of vodka,” the woman says.

Extremely strong drinks do not show negative influence on the woman – she is not an alcoholic at all. She says one should have a very good substantial appetizer after a strong drink Yevdokiya prefers Siberian pelmeni (meat dumplings). Food has always been important for her: “I used to have bulls and cows and hens and pigs and four children,” Yevdokiya said jokingly.

Yevdokiya was 41 when she gave birth to her first child. She delivered the baby in her own house, without any doctors. “It was very easy. It was like spitting something out from beneath.” She has outlived all her dear people: her husband, her first love, her friends, sisters, brothers, her children and almost all her grandchildren.

According to research conducted by  French scientists, the majority of people, who reach more than just respectable age, are not tall, they do not weigh much. As a rule, they do not suffer from serious diseases. They all stand out for easy temper, positive outlook, conflict-free character. Scientists say the number of people over 100 years of age will grow in the future. They will reach the level of 2.2 million in the beginning of the XXII century.

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Author`s name Olga Savka