Man's 60th wedding

A businessman from Saudi Arabia Saleh Al-Saairi has been married 58 times in 50 years.

He plans to celebrate his 60th wedding in a not so distant future and stop at that.
Nowadays, Al-Saairi lives, as it should be in accordance with the laws of Islam, with his four wives. The oldest of his wives is 40; the youngest—13. He is divorced with the rest of them. The choice regarding which one he will divorce next the businessman decides by means of a simple flip of a coin.

According to the newspaper “Ash-Shark Al-Ausat” the Saudi businessman has spent $2 million for his weddings. All of Al-Saairi's wives live in separate palaces and are fully supported by him. A special office in his company takes full care of the women.       

Source: Utro

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Author`s name Andrey Mikhailov