Author`s name Michael Simpson

Orthodox Community of Pomorye Against Sex

Orthodox of the Community strongly object to introduction of studying of sexual relations at school 
Members of the public organization "Orthodox Intellectuals of Arkhangelsk's North" has sent an appeal to the Arkhangelsk regional deputy assembly, the City Council of Deputies, the administration of Arkhangelsk and the Arkhangelsk Region. The appeal says that the legislative authority must develop and adopt a program for national and cultural development of the Arkhangelsk Region. It is interesting that one of the appeal's items insists upon prohibition of intimate relations.

The appeal particularly says that measures must be taken to stop turning of the Solovki Monastery into a commercial center of international tourism; to stop "introduction of teaching on sexual relations" at schools and pre-school institutions of Arkhangelsk and the Arkhangelsk Region; to put an end to uncontrolled spreading of sex services advertising and to ban selling of porn magazines. What is more, the appeal states it is important to create a toponymy commission to establish order in the names of Arkhangelsk streets. The public organization says that some streets are still named after unworthy people. Thus, the organization members say the Uritsky Street is called after the man guilty of deaths of many people.

The appeal also touches upon the activity of people naming themselves healers. In this connection, the public organization decided to appeal to the city and the regional health care and social protection departments with a request to form a licensing committee to control activity of extrasensory individuals and a committee for biomedical ethics.

People belonging to Orthodox intellectuals requested the authority of Arkhangelsk to cancel the rent for owners of a shop selling articles connected with intimate relations, to prohibit advertising of goods meant for intimate relations in the mass media. The anxiety of the public organization is based upon the fact that the shop is situated in the center of Arkhangelsk near a secondary school and a culture college. The appeal emphasizes that measures must be taken to prohibit street advertising of cigarettes and strong drinks.

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