Home is the only place for music industry in 2021?

Setting up a quality home recording studio is something many upcoming Russian music artists who wish to make it big in the music industry like Zedd, Nina Kraviz and Swanky Tunes, dream of.

You cannot just set up a few gadgets in your bedroom as it is very different from having a pro-quality home studio. The latter will likely cost you a lot of money but every dollar invested in the studio will be worth it in the end.

There are numerous ways you can economize the way you set up the new studio without having to compromise the quality of products you're purchasing.

Here are some tips from DJ Jesse Neo, founder of Gemtracks Beats on how you can set up your pro-quality, home recording studio on a budget.

1.    Start with the research phase

Before you start dreaming about the idea of the setup, you need to start with the research phase. You should list out all the requirements in terms of musical gear and gadgets. You could use the internet as it is full of information and learn about music production and marketing.

Doing extensive research will help you make sure that you're able to start with the bare-minimums that are needed to get your professional recording underway without having to spend unnecessary money on things that you don't need.

Thorough research will also help you identify the software that can be upgraded. In such cases, upgrading will be a better alternative to buying new applications because it'll save you a lot of money.

2.    Be on the lookout for deals and bargains

Once you have created a checklist of essentials required to get started, it'll be time to start buying stuff. Of course, by now you should have allotted your budget and the best thing would be to look out for discount deals and bargains.

Some of the best ways of cutting costs would be to look for dedicated distributors, buying in bulk, or hunting for discounts and sales. Picking out used gadgets is another great consideration especially if you're buying quality stuff that the other artists want to sell.

However, make sure that you avoid shopping for stuff that you probably won't use. At the same time, never compromise on the quality if you want things to be as good as professional.

3.    Try to save money in other areas

Why not try to save money in other areas and stretch your budget for a better and more professional home recording studio?

This thought makes a lot of sense as picking out the latest, high-quality equipment today will mean that you no longer have to re-invest or upgrade for a couple of years. You should try and implement different ideas for saving up. For example, you can go online and find beats for sale. This way, you won't just save time on creating new beats but also money on equipment that you would have needed to start afresh.

Of course, you'll still require musical instruments and top-shelf recording equipment to keep up the quality of your music. If you don't, you can always go online to find a recording studio nearby.

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Author`s name Jesse Neo