Soy products lead to impotence?

Soy products that substitute people's intake of the regular ones turn out to be not as safe as they were thought to be. Irish scientists for instance, proved existence of certain substances in soy that are capable of affecting … one's reproductive organs.

The research study conducted at the University of Belfast indicated that practically all soy products (or the ones that contain soy) contain estrogen—a female hormone, which is capable of affecting male’s and female’s organisms alike. Aside from simple soy “substitutes”, this also refers to pizza, frozen foods and such (which almost always contain soy).

“Undoubtedly, soy is one of the best substitutes of meat and other products,” stated Doctor Sheena Luis, head of the research study in her interview to “BBC”. “It practically contains all essential proteins as well as other important nutrients. Unfortunately, soy also contains maximum level of estrogen in comparison to other products; their influence is not fully examined yet. We hope that doctors, especially dietitians and endocrinologists will pay closer attention at such fact.”

Source: KM  

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Author`s name Andrey Mikhailov