Miraculous Dog cures cancer

The animal's fur can cure the worst illnesses

It is a known fact that hair, fur, just as any other organic substance, can trigger allergic reaction in some people. Such allergic reactions can even result in lethal outcomes if not treated properly. Some reactions, on the contrary, can yield absolutely opposite results. This assumption serves as the basis for pharmacology. If some substances can kill, others can cure…even cancer.
Nobody can explain how it all happens, that an animal, namely its fur, contains some sort of a healing beginning.

Here is the story in short

About 7 years ago, the dog owner has been diagnosed with lung sarcoma of 3rd degree. Around the same time, his neighbor has also been diagnosed with a terrible illness: pancreas cancer. One of the homeless dogs that lived in the neighboring yard soon gave birth to several puppies, one of which (by the name of Naich) turned out to possess miraculous qualities.

The dogs lived in a specially designated area and were never allowed inside the building. All of a sudden, the dying man decided to take a closer look at the puppies. He let them all into the building. His contact with Nalich yielded instant positive results. Suddenly, the man stopped aching, his energy increased.

The man constant contacts with the puppy (Naich) in the course of one month, made the illness completely disappear! His tests were all unbelievable: neither one of them indicated any tumors…nothing! He was completely healthy! Doctors were all amazed at such results. However, man superstitious views did not allow him to disclose the real secret behind his miraculous healing.

Later, the dog owner brought the puppy to his neighbor who had been diagnosed with pancreas cancer. The dog jumped in his arms and the two remained lying together on the couch. The thought of the fur’s healing power did not strike anyone at first. Afterwards, however, the dog owner, who happened to be a doctor himself, brushed up Naich collected his fur and made a belt of it. He then placed the fur belt in close proximity with the patient. Omitting the details of the event that took place 5 years ago, in about six months the old man was a cancer-free person.

At first, the dog owner was assumed to help cure the illness. He in turn did not accept the credit…  

In the end, there were several more instances were this doctor with the wonder-animal by his side had to treat some of his relatives and close friends from various illnesses. Only a certain circle of people was aware of the dog named Naich. Some time later, it was discovered that it can “cure” other illnesses aside from cancer… In particular, Naich can cure AIDS and tuberculosis. 

The dog owner could feel however that something bad was about to happen…Someone attempted to steal the dog. Others offered large sums of money for it…More and more people wished to touch the dog. In the end, it was decided to move to a different place in a different town.

Offers to “examine” the dog and its fur were denied. When Naich turned 2, he became a father to a number of puppies and afterwards, a grandfather. Unfortunately, the unique talent has not been inherited by either of them.

By that time, the dog owner was able to determine a number of factors characteristic of that particular dog. For instance, specific smell, unlike any other smell of the species, certain fur texture. Overall, there were many strange, even mystical characteristics about the animal.

Personally, I heard of the story three years ago. My very close friend was very sick and doctors could not do anything. My active search of various alternative healing methods has led finally me to Naich. However, nobody knew where the dog owner lived. I did not even know whether he was alive at all.

Luckily, I was able to find him in January of this year…far away from his home town. It is a long story. It was incredibly hard to locate the man indeed.

In the end, we did meet. However, it took a long time before he believed my story. Afterwards, he did not only tell me the whole story about Naich but also lent me the belt made of Naich’s fur. I was rather skeptical about the “device” at first. But it worked!!!

I am a doctor myself and at first, I had troubles believing the whole story. But when I saw everything with my own eyes, I could no longer deny the miraculous powers. 

Boris Malchinski

Source: Unknownplanet.ru

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Author`s name Andrey Mikhailov